Party Time/December Christmas 2016 ...

A lovely Christmas party setting ...

Hungry quilters!  Doesn't get any better than this!

...kept everyone in "stitches"...

... secret to keeping on track!!

Thank you Ann B. for the fun games and good times ... we definitely have a winner in Jessica S.!!!!
Thank you to our committe:  Sally W., Ann B., and Katherine H. for planning such a delightful evening. (far right table) From beginning to end ... it was an evening filled with good food, fellowship,and sharing with our fellow quilters!!!!


... great food and fellowship!

Fun and games ...

... all the "fun girls" participating!

... draw those pictures, but don't mess up your holiday hair-dos!

So delighted ... Mrs. Outreach (Laura D.) truly a winner at Quilt Guild!

Game on ... Donna M. -- the quilter's purse scavenger hunt!!

Diva Quilters ... check out these game winners -- Barbara M. and Donna M.!!!