Civil War Quilt Exhibit

Preserving history

Marion County Historical Society to present ‘Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad’

Dora Grubb, the president of the Marion County Historical Society, said the evening will be tied together by the same theme.

She said the dinner will consist of popular dishes from the 1860s, which is the same time period of the theater event.

Grubb said there will also be music that was popular during the time period performed by We Three Plus.

She said it’s important that the evening revolves around one theme.

This event will be brought to the community by the Marion County Historical Society, Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild and the Fairmont Arts & Humanities Commission.

Grubb said it’s great to partner with other organizations, and she hopes people will come out and enjoy the evening on Oct. 10.

“I would like to see people enjoy more of the things that go on here in Fairmont,” Grubb said.

She said this event provides people with a variety of activities, including dinner, theater and a quilt exhibit. Grubb said it’s nice to offer this in Marion County so people don’t have to travel far for entertainment.

“It gives you an evening’s entertainment and you’re at one place,” Grubb said. “You can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.”

Donna M. -- Guild Volunteer

Nancy C. -- Guild Volunteer

Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild members sharing
quilts for this event:
Pauline E., Louise G., Emily Mc., Lynda S., Nancy S., Tara W.

Authentic Civil War era quilt