The Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild was started in 1987 by Martha Offutt of Fairmont, West Virginia.  Martha began by asking different groups of people if anyone had an interest in quilting. Within a few short months, a small group of ladies formed the Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild. They began holding monthly meetings at the YWCA located in Pleasant Valley.  One of the "founding mothers" remains an active member of the Guild -- Shurleen Griffin.   Nelouise Goush is now deceased.

Interest spread and the membership of the Guild increased.  It was decided to hold meetings the 2nd Friday of every month and that the president and other officers would serve in 1 year terms.  
An additional quilting day was added in the form of a monthly workshop on the 4th Thursday of each month.   The workshop ladies focused on charity quilts and helping one another out with new quilt techniques and trouble-shooting.  

The Guild celebrated their 25th Birthday in July of 2012 with a Mystery Tea Party.  Quilt Guild friends from Charleston and Morgantown also participated in the celebration! 
If you know of any additional Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild history details that can be added -- please email me!  I will be happy to update this page as more information is available.

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