"Half-Stitched" Bus Trip -- Ohio

Shop 'til you drop ... lol

"Break time" from a lovely day of shopping!!!

Carlisle Inn ... ready for the performance!!

Half-Stitched the Musical -- lovely performance!

Wanda Brunsetter --author of "Half-Stitched" ... amazing author!!!   Great Amish recipe book, too!!!!

Until next time ... happy travels!!!

45 AWESOME quilters on the"Quilt Bus" 2015

Uh-Oh!!   Lynda S. has the microphone!!!!

Sandy S. -- first fabric "cut" of the day!!!

Mrs. Outreach "Laura Dolly" --a special fabric find!

Amish Buffet Dinner ... yummy!!!

Shopping until they "dropped" ... a great day trip to Ohio Amish Country!!!

Taking the "buggy ride" home to Fairmont!!