"Night-Time Quilting" - June 2018

Program facilitators:   Ann Bratton, Dorothy Eagle, Carol Floyd, Lynda Sago, Jessica Starkey and Sally Wilhelm!  AWESOME!!!

Jessica S. -- QOV Block Kits

Jessica S. -- QOV Block Kit Station ...
how does she make those stars?  
Jessica will be happy to show you!!!

Ann B. and Sally W. -- Charity Quilt
Station ... can you make a quilt from 
3 yards of fabric?  These girls will show
you how!!!

Dorothy E.and Carol F. -- 
"Knotting a Baby Quilt" Station ... 
looking to learn the "knotting" techique?
Check it out with these guild ladies!

Dorothy E. and Carol F. -- 
Knotting Baby Quilt Station

Leigha F. learning from Grandma ...
one lovely young quilter!!
EVERYONE loved this fun station!

Sue M. -- "Let's get this party 
started! ... check out that
beautiful Featherweight!

Mary R. and Cathy M. -- What fun!!!
Two quilters ... one strip of fabric on
both machines ... what's going on here???

Alicia K. -- check out her piecing
expertise!  Jessica S. is going to be
happy with this block!

Alicia K. -- HAPPY ENDING to a lovely
quilting night with FRIENDS!!!

Jessica S. -- QOV Block Kits

Jessica S. and Connie P. -- getting it
together for stitiching!

Ann B. and Sally W. -- Charity Quilt

Sally W. and Alicia K. -- troubleshooting
the directions to successful stitching!

Ann B. providing technical assistance 
at the Charity Quilt Station Pauline E.
and Barbara M.

Lynda S. -- Charity Placemats
Station.  Can you turn 4 fat quarters into
4 placemats?  Lynda can ... ask her what
about her magical tricks!!

Lynda S. -- Two placemat patterns for
new December charity project 
"Meals on Wheels"

Pat F. and Marling I. -- chatting about the
Placemat Project directions!

Linda T. and Donna M. -- Anxious to visit the QOV Block Station with Jessica S.

Sally W. -- aka "Secret Sally" busy
helping quilters with their 3 fabric 
quilt kit!!

Debbie Mc. -- in Featherweight Bliss!!!