In the spirit suggested by the title of a book by Henry Gannett, Certain Persistent Errors in Geography, this site seeks to show that some commonly repeated claims of geographic wonders just ain't so.
The author of this web site does not want to discourage you from visiting and enjoying the areas which are the subject of myths discussed here.  In fact, the author heartily recommends seeing them for yourself.  The author has been atop at least one summit in each subject area.  He considers the areas discussed to be fine destinations for hiking, sight-seeing, and a wide variety of outdoor activities.  It's just that he thinks that these places are fine enough as they are and need no exaggeration.

The myths relate to the following questions:

What is the largest contiguous area above 10,000 feet in the United States?

What percentage of land in the United States above 10,000 feet lies in Colorado?

Where is the highest hill?

What peak is North America's largest freestanding mountain?

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