Event Planning Overview

Dry Grad was a success!!!!  Thanks to everyone for their help in hosting a successful Dry Grad event. 

Grads - please remember that we did this so you'd have somewhere to go on what has traditionally been a 'high risk' evening.  The future is yours - please stay safe and be responsible.

The Dry Grad night
The Dry grad runs until 5:30am with door prizes at about 4:30 or 5am.
There's something for everyone to do... all night long.

Parent Volunteers
Volunteers Assignment Sheet

Current budget information (yes, it's a work in process....)

Fundraising activities are complete.  Thanks for all your help!

  Event Planner
          Bottle Depot accounts
          Bowling Night - Sat Nov19  5-7pm
          Pub Night - Wed Nov23
          Canucks Ticket Raffle - Jan 24 vs Edmonton
          Bottle Drive?
          Canucks Ticket Raffle -  Jan 31 vs Black Hawks
          Canucks Ticket Raffle
          Fashion Show Tuesday Feb 21
         Clothing&Bottle Drive
         Mr.Mike's "Pub" night
          Dry Grad - June 9-10

  Other dates to keep in mind when planning events
What is 'Dry Grad'???
The R.E. Mountain Dry Grad is a community funded event designed to keep our grads safe on what has proven to be a high-risk evening.  It is a secure drug and alcohol free high-energy all night celebration where the grads party with their friends, knowing that they will all make it home safely in the morning.

Or check out this document for an excellent overview.

Meeting Minutes
        Oct 19, 2011
        Nov 2, 2011