Actions to Date

( Not trying to be self-serving, I essentially work alone and insist on independence in all things )

( 1 )

I help teach third graders about cougars, touching on age level and beyond, biology-ecology.

( 2 )

To help more children learn about cougars, I purchased copies of the childrens book, "Wild Cats" by ...........Dodge.  I donate this book free of charge to any elementary school library that will accept this basic reference.

( 3 )

I call, write and email extensively, always being the cougar's advocate.

( 4 )

My power point program, "The Plight of the SD Cougars" was given at the Eastern Cougar Conference in May 2007, in Ontario.

( 5 )

I was in constant contact with the 2008 Legislators regarding HB 1171, and helped in it's demise.  This horrible Bill would have allowed the killling of cougars in all of SD except the Black Hills,  24-7-365. This Bill also would have changed the mountain lion status to "vermin" wherein this most valuable of Creations would be put on the level of a rat.

( 6 )

 I recently donated to the ongoing Lakota Mountain Lion Study on the Pine Ridge reservation.

( 7 )

Over the last few years, I have donated to the programs and actions of the Black Hills Mountain Lion Foundation.