Riding the Jesus Trail or Gospel Trail on Mountain Bike

The Jesus Trail is a 65 km (40 mi) hiking and pilgrimage route in the Galilee region of Israel that traces the route Jesus may have walked .
It is connecting many sites from his life and ministry .
The main part of the trail begins in Nazareth and passes through Tzippori, Cana (Kafr Kanna), the Horns of Hittin, Mount Arbel Cliffs, the Sea of Galilee,  Tabgha , Capernaum,, and the Mount of Beatitudes.
The Trail with some changes and adaptions can be ridden by Mountain Bikes .
An average experienced mountain biker can ride the trail in 2 days .
Due to weather (some areas can be very muddy in the winter) there are alternatives that bypass most of the difficulties .

The official Walking version of the Jesus Trail can be seen in the following map :

Since the trail above was not built for Bicycle , we planned a route that is fully rideable with Mountain Bikes .

The Bicycle Route
1st Day - Option 1
The first part of the MTB trail starts in Nazareth , descends to Tsippori , goes on to Kafr Kanna and to Kibbutz Lavi .
It can be seen in the following map :

1st Day - Option 2
Since the Valley North of Nazareth and it's trails might get muddy in the winter , it is recommended to pick South option of the Jesus Trail , going from Nazareth to the Woods of Beit Keshet with the view Point of Mount Tabor and the Jezrael Valley and on to Kibbutz Lavi .
The first part with the South option of the MTB Jesus Trail can be seen in the following map :

2nd Day
The second part of the trail goes from Kibbutz Lavi to the Horns of Hittin were the Crusaders Lost the battle to Saladin on the 4th of July 1187 .
Then we ride down to Nebi Shueib , the burial place of Jethro and a holy place for the Druze religion .
We go on to the ruins of the 4-5 Century synagogue in Arbel and on to the top of Mount Arbel with a great view of Tiberias and the sea of Galilee .
The trail descends to the Magdaleh and we go on to Tabcha and to Capernaum .
The trail of the second day can be seen in the following map :
This trail can be slightly shortened in the summer due the high temperatures in the Sea of Galilee area .

Guided MTB Rides