Gameplay Controls

  • Gameplay Controls:
    • TAP to PUMP
    • SWIPE to perform a TRICK
    • TILT your device to lean the rider in air so that he lands with both wheels on the ground for a perfect landing.
  • Trail Builder:
    • SWIPE LEFT / RIGHT to move the camera along the trail.
    • PINCH to ZOOM the view in / out on the trail.
    • DRAG the terrain UP / DOWN to change the slope of the terrain.
    • TAP & HOLD on a feature to 'pick it up'.
    • FLICK a feature you've picked up to delete it.
    • DROP a feature back on the trail somewhere else to place it there.
    • TAP the HELMET (top left) to open up the FEATURE LIST.
    • DRAG the biker icon onto the trail and let go to test a section of trail.
    • TAP the PLAY ARROW (bottom right) to play-test a trail.
    • TAP the MAP icon (bottom left) to exit the Trail Builder and go back to the Location Map.
    • Once you've play-tested a whole trail (start to finish), then you can set Challenges, Change the Trail Name and Publish the trail:
      • CHALLENGES: The first item you select will become the MAIN CHALLENGE, and you can select up to another 2 SECONDARY CHALLENGES. You have to select at least 1 MAIN CHALLENGE.
      • TRAIL NAME: Before publishing a trail, you can change it's name by tapping on the current name. You get a selection of random names to choose from - nothing rude or naughty.
      • PUBLISH: When you tap publish, your trail will get uploaded to our servers and shared with the whole Mountain Biker gaming community.