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PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of Vincent Maillot at the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6. 
Defended on 12-12-12.

Emails:  hajlimounir[a]gmail.com, ([a]=@).

Domains of interest: Arakelov Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry.

Notes on Diophantine Geometry and transcendental numbers

  1.    Lindemann-Weierstarss theorem and the transcendence of $\pi$ and $e$.

  2.    Heights

Lectures on Algebraic Geometry and Introduction to Etale cohomology: every Thursday  from 14:00 to 16:00 room 536. 

(References: EGA 1 and 2, and SGA4, A. Grothendieck (IHES)) 

  • An overview of the theory of (additive/abelian/..) categories (Sur quelques points d'Algebre Homologique, A. Grothendieck. Tohoku). 

  • Derived functors (Tohoku)

    Presheaves and sheaves with values in a category. Direct and inverse image (EGA1).

  • Ringed spaces (EGA1).

  • Quasi-coherent and coherent sheaves (EGA1).

  • Affine schemes, schemes (EGA1). 

  • Affine morphisms and Vector bundles (EGA2).

  • Projective schemes.

  • Grothendieck topologies-1.

Teaching : 
  1. Commutative rings and Homological algebra (Spring 2018) Main reference: Commutative ring theory, by Hideyuki Matsumura.
  2. Applied Functional Analysis (Fall 2018) Main references:    Functional Analysis, by Walter Rudin, and Real and Functional Analysis by Serge Lang
  3. Commutative rings and Homological algebra (Spring 2019) Main reference: Commutative ring theory, by Hideyuki Matsumura.