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League Rules

***Unless noted, all rules will follow the 2010 ASA rule book***

League Rules: 
1.  One over the fence home run allowed per team.  All subsequent home runs, the batter will be awarded first base. 

2.  Game forfeit time is 10 minutes after scheduled start time or 10 minutes from completion of previous game.  Games will not exceed past the start time of the next game.  Game times are 6:30, 7:45 & 9:00 p.m.

3.  You can bat any number of rostered players provided you have an even number of players.  You must have a minimum of 8 players to prevent a forfeit.
4.  You are allowed to use one non rostered player if your team only has 7 players before the start of a game to prevent a forfeit.  If a rostered player shows up during the game, the non-rostered player will be replaced with the rostered player between innings.
5.  No altered or illegal bats will be allowed.  Any bats found to be illegal or altered during a game will result in the ejection of the person using the bat for that game.  If you don't know what bats are legal check in the Links page under "Approved Bat List".  If you are not sure if your bat is altered ask an Umpire, they will know the answer.  Bats with a rubber knob or excess tape on the handle are examples of altered bats.
6.  If two teams tie for a spot to go to the State tournament, a tie breaker of head to head play will break the tie.  Next tie breaker would be total points scored between the two teams in head to head play.