Social Studies - Fitzwater

Mary Fitzwater
Middle School
Social Studies

    As the Middle School Social Studies teacher I am responsible for teaching 6th grade Global Studies with an emphasis on the Western Hemisphere, 7th grade Global Studies with an emphasis on the Eastern Hemisphere, and 8th grade Civics with an emphasis on citizenship and how our government works.

   I graduated with honors from Iowa State University with a degree in Elementary Education and hold endorsements in the following areas: K – 8 Social Studies, K – 8 Reading, K – 8 Multi-categorical Special Class with Integration, K – 8 Instructional Strategist I; Mild/Moderate; K – 8 Health, and K – 12 Athletic Coach.

    Socials Studies is my passion and I have been teaching in this area for a number of years. Today more than ever it is important for our students to learn and understand about their own country as well as countries and cultures around the world so they are prepared for life beyond high school. Whether that is going to college or trade school or jumping right into the job market. Our world it is expanding rapidly and it is important to know how Americans are involved from the local level on up to the national level and beyond to our responsibilities in the world. This is what the Des Moines Public Schools Social Studies curriculum is prepared to do, get our students ready for the 21st century and beyond!