September, 2017
Drs. Michelle Harris-Love and Michael Harris-Love won the prestigious Dale Shaffer Outstanding Alumni Award from Mayo Clinic Physical Therapy. More to come!

April-May, 2017
Rachael Harrington successfully passed her dissertation defense at Georgetown University! Drs. Michelle Harris-Love and Michael Harris-Love held a surprisingly, informal doctoral hooding ceremony in their backyard during the annual "IRB" (Interdisciplinary Research Barbecue) party. Congrats, Dr. Harrington!
Rachael hooding

May 10-13, 2016
Mandy RoundsClint WutzkeEvan Chan, and Peter Jo attended the 9th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation in Philadelphia, PA (hosted in the U.S. for the first time). Mandy presented her poster entitled "Relationship Between Sub-Sections Of Upper Extremity Fugl-Meyer Score and Reaching Performance in Chronic Stroke Survivors" (picture below).

October 25-30, 2015
Shashwati Geed and Rachael Harrington attended the ACRM Annual Conference in Dallas, TX. Shashwati, as one of the five selected ARRT fellows, presented her work "Reliability of Corticomotor Excitability in Proximal Upper-Extremity Muscles of Severely-Impaired Chronic Stroke Patients" in the ARRT Young Investigators Panel of Oral Presentations. Rachael presented her poster entitled "Roles of Lesion Volume and Lesion Location in Post-Stroke Arm Impairment" (picture below).

October 15-21, 2015
Rachael Harrington and Clint Wutzke presented posters at the 2015 ASNR and SfN meetings, Chicago. 
  • Rachael ASNR and SfN: "Comparing Disruption of Bi-Hemispheric Motor Sites on a Reaching Task in Mild and Severe Arm Impairment after Stroke"
  • Clint ASNR: "Distribution of Corrective Movements in People Post Stroke During Paretic Arm Reaching"
  • Clint SfN: "Inter-trial Variability During Forward Reaching Differs with Severity in People Post Stroke"

October 20, 2015
Rachael Harrington was interviewed by EurekAlert! during SfN 2015 at Chicago. Check out this exciting article “Stimulating specific brain area could help defrost arms frozen by stroke”.

March 31, 2015
Our previous member, Kelly Michaelis won the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program! She is completing her first year of coursework in Georgetown's IPN program and is excited to begin her thesis work in the lab of Dr. Peter Turkeltaub. Her work will focus on functional correlates of oscillatory brain rhythms using methods such as combined TMS and EEG.

 January 19, 2015
Dr. Michelle Harris-Love was interviewed with The Washington Post! Here is the link.

November 15, 2014
Evan Chan presented his first poster "Transcallosal Effects of Chronic Below-Elbow Amputation: Behavior and Physiology" at the 2014 SfN meeting, Washington, DC. 

November 13-15, 2014
Rachael Harrington presented her poster "Combining Theta Burst Stimulation with Reaching Practice in Individuals with Severe Post-Stroke Arm Impairment: Two Case Studies" at the 2014 ASNR and SfN meetings, Washington, DC. Rachael has also been awarded the ASNR Fletcher H. McDowell Award for the best clinical science poster. Congratulations, Rachael!