July 23, 2015
Rachael and Evan went to a DIFFERENT Busboys and Poets for the happy hour! Rachael, who was waiting at 14th & V for 45 minutes alone, proved to the PI that she had shown up (just at a wrong place).

March 5, 2015
Look at what MOTR'ers did on a snow day!
Michelle was having fun with grant applications.
Evan looked at the backyard and worried about his heating bills.
Mandy was on round 5 of shoveling the driveway
with her energetic Cole.
Rachael preferred being apple pie delicious inside rather than going outside.
Shashwati was excited about this Wisconsin-style
Shashwati spotted a family of shy deer! (Yes, in DC.)

Group Pictures
Group picture 2
2015: Brookland's Finest Bar and Kitchen

Group picture 2014
2014: Brookland's Finest Bar and Kitchen