Working Papers

  • Cyclical Part-Time Employment in an Estimated New Keynesian Model with Search Frictions (with Toshihiko Mukoyama and Kazuhiro Teramoto), August 2018.

    discussion paper version

  • Estimating a Nonlinear New Keynesian Model with a Zero Lower Bound for Japan (with Hirokuni Iiboshi and Kozo Ueda), August 2018.

    discussion paper version

  • Missing Wage Inflation? Estimating the Natural Rate of Unemployment in a Nonlinear DSGE Model (with Yuto Iwasaki and Ichiro Muto), July 2018.

    discussion paper version

  • Sticky-Wage Models and Knowledge Capital (with Kevin X.D. Huang, Munechika Katayama and Takayuki Tsuruga), April 2018.

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  • Current Account Dynamics under Information Rigidity and Imperfect Capital Mobility (with Akihisa Shibata and Takayuki Tsuruga), April 2018.

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  • Trend Inflation and Evolving Inflation Dynamics: A Bayesian GMM Analysis of the Generalized New Keynesian Phillips Curve (with Yasufumi Gemma and Takushi Kurozumi), November 2017.

    discussion paper version

Recent Publications

  • Quasi-Bayesian Model Selection (with Atsushi Inoue), Quantitative Economics, forthcoming.

  • Asymptotic Inference for Dynamic Panel Estimators of Infinite Order Autoregressive Processes (with Yoon-Jin Lee and Ryo Okui), Journal of Econometrics, 204(2), June 2018, Pages 147-158.

  • Improving the Finite Sample Performance of Autoregression Estimators in Dynamic Factor Models: A Bootstrap Approach (with Zi-Yi Guo), Econometric Reviews, 37(4), 2018, Pages 360-379.

  • Testing for Flexible Nonlinear Trends with an Integrated or Stationary Noise Component (with Pierre Perron and Tomoyoshi Yabu), Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 79(5), October 2017, Pages 822-850.

  • Testing for A Unit Root Against Transitional Autoregressive Models (with Joon Y. Park), International Economic Review, 57(2), May 2016, Pages 635-664.

  • Measuring International Business Cycles by Saving for a Rainy Day (with Mario J. Crucini), Canadian Journal of Economics, 48(4), November 2015, Pages 1266-1290.

  • Noisy Information, Distance and Law of One Price Dynamics across US Cities (with Mario J. Crucini and Takayuki Tsuruga), Journal of Monetary Economics, 74, September 2015, Pages 52-66.