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MotorPixie 3-axis gimbal

The MotorPixie 3-axis gimbal is just on the idea stage. It will be based on the design of the MotorPixie 2-axis gimbal for DJI Phantom 2 Vision.
Every aspect of the MotorPixie 3-axis gimbal will be designed to keep the weight down. The goal is to keep the RTF under 1300g if at all possible.
The final version will feature the BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny controller board
It will use 2804-210Kv Brushless Gimbal motor style gimbal motors.
The materials will most likely be 3D printed ABS for maximum radiolucency.

The prototype

The prototype will feature 2 Turnigy AX-2206 80T gimbal motors (pitch and roll) and 1 Turnigy AX-2804 100T gimbal motor (yaw). It will feature a AlexMos SimpleBGC 2 axis controller and a AlexMos simpleBGC 3rd axis extension board. The prototype will use the 2mm aluminium for base plate, arms and FC200 base.