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No further development on 3D MotorPixie gimbal in the near future

posted Aug 23, 2014, 2:05 AM by MotorPixie Gimbals   [ updated Aug 23, 2014, 2:06 AM ]
After playing around with the 3D version for some time, and not really getting the results in extreme angles I hoped for, I was about to give up. Looking for solutions I came across a professional youtube video explaining the wonders of the new 32 bit version of the AlexMos (Basecam electronics) 3D controller. Until now I have been using the 8 bit basecam controller with 3rd axis add-on board.

In short: The 8 bit basecam controller does not support the extreme angles one would need to use it on a quadcopter. The 32 bit version should be able to do so. Am I going to test this? No. The cheapest non-3D, certified basecam controller is $80 2D Basecam controller which comes with non-standard connectors. Keep in mind, the hardware is not licensed, it is the basecam bootloader (which basecam electronics has stopped supporting, no new versions since 2.40b7) that is licensed. In comparison the equivalent Chinese knock-off is $24 2D Chinese knock-off controller that comes with standard connectors. Am I going to pay 300% extra for a bootloader that is no longer supported? No, not again. Am I going to pay $200 for the 32 bit version that supports 3D natively (maybe?) but does not yet come in the "tiny" version I want for my projects? I am all for "intellectual property" and having to make money to do R&D, but I am not (again) going to pay excessive amounts of money to be able to create another version of my gimbal, only to force others to do the same in order to build one.

I might look into the BruGi project, and how to use this open source bootloader on the cheap Chinese hardware. I might even donate some money in order to support it.

I short: I am not going to do any more development on the 3D version in the near future. Buy a ready made 3D gimbal if you want one.

(Rant over)