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Heavy version for the Turnigy 2804-210Kv coming up...

posted Aug 1, 2014, 12:11 PM by MotorPixie Gimbals
I am currently working on a MotorPixie 2D version that uses the bigger Turnigy 2804-210Kv gimbal motors. The gimbal will be heavy. 250+ grams. Limited flight times, but the added mass will be able to counter less than perfectly balanced props and motors (beat down Phantom).

It is more out of necessity than anything else, since my Phantom 2 Vision has taken quite a beating in testing the different designs. I simply refuse to spend any more money on DJI products, so when the P2V finally breaks, I will most likely turn to my newfound love, the Bixler 2 fixed wing model. I time I maybe building a quad from scratch.