News 2/04/2017 - No entry fee for wait-listed...

Feb 4, 2017 All further entries to the Parowan camp will be wait-listed!

Please send only an application - no entry fee is required unless your application is accepted.

Jan 21, 2017 Parowan Camp towed and 20/21M glider limit reached

We have now reached the initial limit for those requiring tows, and for 20/21 meter gliders to tie down on the ramp. . Other applications will be held in the order received and we will review the total position to open up for a small number in a few weeks or as people may drop out. Go to Parowan Soaring Camp for more information.

Jan 21, 2017 Parowan Camp application

You can now enter the Parowan Camp 2017! Parowan Soaring Camp

Jan 21, 2017 New memberships reinstated

New memberships are being accepted again, because we are requiring an ASA membership to enter the 2017 Parowan Camp. New members will pay for one year, but will get another year free, for a total of two years. Current members still have their membership extended one year.

Dec 13, 2016 Dues Holiday

ASA has declared a "Dues Holiday" beginning today. No new memberships or dues renewals will be accepted.

May 2, 2016 We have a Facebook page

ASA has set up a Facebook page. Or if you’re on Facebook, you can just type ASA into the search box and select the result with the motorglider.

SSA is encouraging the use of FB to promote interest in gliding. They actively monitor the pages of clubs such as ours and frequently will share posting’s in order to give them a wider audience.
Primarily it’s pictures and videos that get posted, material should be suitable for viewing on phones, since that’s how most people access FB.

If you’re on FB and so inclined, Like the page and invite your aviation-minded friends to do the same. Do that with SSA also, just type Soaring Society of America in the search box to find them easily. Go ahead and upload your favorite pictures, they make it quick and easy to do so.

Mar 28, 2016 Dates for 2016 Parowan Camp

ASA has now accepted all the applications we have space for at Parowan 2016. Any further applications received will be held in reserve but please do not send checks that will have to be returned. Thanks everyone for your interest in the camp and we look forward to seeing you in Utah.  

Nov 12, 2015: Dates for 2016 Parowan Camp

The camp will be held June 14-26, 2016. More information later. More info here:
Parowan Soaring Camp (this link is also in the menu on the left).

May 18, 2015 Parowan Camp update: missing entries

For anyone needing rooms at the Days Inn, the Manager is holding a block of 10 for us, with only 3 signed up, so there should be 7 rooms available. There is a competing event in town, so the motel will be full-better call now to insure a room for the camp. 

Also, contrary to popular rumor, there will be a tow plane available, same as last year, ready, willing, and anxious to serve our lead nose friends.

March 31, 2015 Parowan Camp update: missing entries

Our Treasurer, Della Seim, has discovered some entries were mailed but not received by her. She will send email notices to everyone whose entry she has receive; if you sent in an entry but don't get a notice by April 2, please determine if your check was cashed, then contact her by email or phone.

509-943-9065 (West Coast time)