Motorcycle Seats ELF EMF Magnetic Field Shielding


Motorcycle seat meter readings prove excessive ELF EMF magnetic fields are showering millions of riders from below. Nobody wants cancer-controversial radiation racing through their body every time they ride. Integrity must prevail over complacency and conventionalism. 

The motorcycle industry needs to responsibly address excessive ELF EMF emission during bike manufacturing. A possible remedy is to relocate excessive ELF EMF magnetic field radiation producing components from immediately beneath motorcycle seats. 

Publishing motorcycle seat ELF EMF radiation readings for each bike would enable freedom of choice for consumers at the point of sale. Conquering cancer requires our utmost attention concerning any potential cancer causation, cancer-growth promotion or cancer medication disruption.

ELF EMF Magnetic Field Radiation - Motorcycle Seats

Please sign The Motorcycle Cancer Risk Worldwide Petition to keep riders safer.

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