Why is Conspicuity Needed?

Imagine driving at night, approaching a lone motorcycle, whose only claim to the lane is a dim red tail light. You think, "Nobody can see that guy!"  Or perhaps you see a bike up ahead in the dark, well lit from the rear, easily visible with plenty of road presence.  LED lights flicker when the brakes are tapped and the side cases are plastered with trucker style strips of reflective tape that light up in your headlights. Got your attention, didn't it?
Which bike would you like to be riding in the dark, fog or rain?
A motorbike is vulnerable to collisions, for one outstanding reason;  its diminutive size makes it almost 'invisible'.  
To decrease your vulnerability,  aim to increase your bike's conspicuity.  One way to achieve this is to add reflective and HI VIZ materials to your bike and to your own riding gear.  The more visible you and your bike are, the 'bigger' you appear; less likely for motorists to mistake your road position or not to see you at all.  A biker does not have a protective physical shield, but he can create a 'visibility field' using well chosen products engineered to catch the attention of distracted motorists.   Make it easy for a motorist to detect your presence on the road, in any light or weather conditions.
This site lists companies offering products designed to increase your bike's conspicuity and your safety on the highway.
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