Unwanted Plant

Tissus découpées, collées et cousus sur monotype sur toile. Édition unique

40 x 31 cm 2018 - Garancières

Monotype on canvas, collage

Using an accordian format, I depicted a big plant.

This uprooted plant is considered to be a weed - an unwanted plant.

Maybe, we do not even know its name.

We may not notice this kind of plant that grows everywhere - on the side of the road or in the garden – except when we want to weed it out.

Weeds are not the only unwanted or unrooted things in our world ?

I consider that an artist’s book is an art form which carries the artist’s message to the reader.

The technique used to create this book is monotype on canvas. The image is collage created with black fabric and white lines sewn on.