...or Mackers' Ancestors!

By David McMillan.

A work in progress...last updated on the 8 February 2020.

This website is the result of my family tree research. While I'd been collecting data for some years, it wasn't until I began using Trove that the secret family scandal surrounding my great-grandfather, Thomas McMillan, was revealed (regrettably, after my father had died).

Correspondence with Peter Taylor (the son of my mother's cousin) laid bare the impact that WW1 and WW2 had on the Ball family. Dave McIntyre, an amateur family and military historian, sent me the information on Lloyd Ball at Arnhem.

Amazingly, an ancestor from each side of the family fought at Gallipoli - one with the ANZACs and one with the British at Suvla Bay. And a third was imprisoned for sedition in Australia for opposing the War.

Ancestry.com.au became indispensable, connecting me with other family researchers with whom I traded photographs of distant relatives.

Dedicated to my parents, Laurie McMillan (1934-2006), Billie (nee Pearl Madden 1934-2010), and my sister Vanessa (1957-2011).

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The McMillans in the Porongurups. On the move from Kalgoorlie to Harvey, Western Australia, Christmas 1938. My dad front left. Vehicle is a Hillman Commer utility.

The Maddens leaving Birmingham, England, for Western Australia in 1948. My mum holding her sister.