d20 Rules for Castle Falkenstein

This is a start, and I have just gotten the Pathfinder d20 game.  Darn if they do not do things much better than normal 3.5.  I will go back and make a few changes to it to incorporate some of the new OGL content that I like from the game.  That completely messed up my project plan, not that I had worked on it much recently, but it was something.  Bold items have been completed.

Character Classes: Most characters will stay the same as the original draft.  I had already started the idea that a small bonus or ability each level helps to motivate players.  The Saving throws and skill points will be updated, but I will require major changes to skills themselves.


Project Plan
  1. Combine modern and fantasy feats.
    1. Modify descriptions for fantasy/steampunk settings
    2. alter Craft feats
    3. Find more OGL content from source books.
  2. Set up Character Creation rules
    1. Hit points & Wounds
    2. Traits
    3. Starting Level
    4. Wealth
  3. Set up class structures
    1. Create racial bonuses
      1. determine what fey types are viable
      2. Decide on Dwarf and Dragon bonuses and level costs
    2. Determine Primary (PC), Racial (PC), Prestige, and optional NPC classes
    3. Get saves, attack, reputation, skills, and defense structures.
      1. Setup L, M, H bonus for saves.
      2. Get a rough basis for skill points on street smarts, low brow, educated, and combat monster.  Each class may fit in multiple areas to form a weighted average.
      3. List all trained skills available for each class.
      4. Determine new Skill points per level.
    4. Determine class types: combat, versatile, science, social, and magic
    5. Determine what standard bonus feats for fighter, versatile, science, and others may find in OGL content
    6. Get class powers/feats setup.
      1. get list of all available feats
        1. Organize feats by type
        2. Setup bonus feat categories.
      2. Organize feat categories
    7. Create dragon and faerie classes
      1. Create Faerie types
      2. Create Dragon and Faerie specific feats
  4. Normal equipment examples
    1. Set starting packages for Character Classes or use the wealth rules in D20 Modern
    2. Determine damage for weapons.  Will base on caliber for firearms.
    3. Determine how armor for vehicles and personnel will work. Pathfinder OGL UC DR.
  5. Draft list of rules from various sources
    1. Hit points or wounds
    2. Crafting Mad Science!!!!! rules
      1. Item & Vehicle Rules taken from TrueD20
      2. Vehicles
      3. Clanks
      4. Infernal Devices
    3. Reputation Rules and Use
    4. Wealth Rules
      1. Prices for items
      2. Revised Wealth DC chart with 1872 prices
    5. Action Points
    6. Luck Point rules
    7. Check on other rules as needed
  6. Create monster list from PF Bestiary and any other OGL content form in MMs
    1. Identify monsters that will work well in game
    2. Modify monster stats
    3. Create new flavor text for any monster as needed

Classes: All characters start at a total level of 3.  Their class selected for level 1 will determine their starting occupation for wealth, skills, equipment, and anything else for starting characters.

Core Classes: (Bold classes are completed!  I have had to go back and look at balance issues on some of the non-combat classes.)
  1. The Adventuress
  2. The Anarchist / Revolutionary
  3. The Demimondaine
  4. The Detective
  5. The Diplomat
  6. The Duelist
  7. The Engineer
  8. The Enlisted Soldier
  9. The Explorer
  10. The Holy Person / Pastor
  11. The Journalist
  12. The Noble
  13. The Noble Savage
  14. The Officer
  15. The Performer
  16. The Physician
  17. The Rogue
  18. The Scientist
  19. The Secret Agent
  20. The Soldier of Fortune
  21. The Sorcerer

Prestige Classes

  1. The Aeronaut
  2. The Gunfighter
  3. The Big-Game Hunter
  4. The Steam Meister
  5. The Mecha Meister
  6. The Steam Knight


  1. The Dragon
  2. The Faerie
  3. The Dwarf
NPC Classes
  1. The Aristocrat 
  2. The Civil Servant
  3. The Factory Laborer
  4. The Farm Worker
  5. The Professional
  6. The Servant
  7. The Criminal Master Mind
  8. Henchman
Exotic Classes
  1. Monk
  2. Ninja
  3. Samurai

Use list with modifications

Level Social Class
 Wealth Bonus
1 Rookery Dwellers (Thieves, beggars, prostitutes, the true lower classes, etc.) 1
2 Farm workers 1d3
3 Industrial Workers 1d4
4 Soldier 1d4
5 Servant 1d4
6 Industrial Managers 1d6
7 Civil Servants 1d4
8 Merchants 2d4
9 Educated Professionals 2d4
10 Squire
11  Knight 1d6
14 DukeSpecial
15 Royal Advisers Special
16 Prince/PrincessSpecial
17 Royal Heir Special
18 King/Queen Special

Will have to alter the AC/Defense stat from D20 Modern greatly if I go with this system.  When the DR is reduced to 0 the armor is useless, but the skill check penalties still remain.
Hit Points: Use Wounds / Vitality to make game more inline with the hero suffering a mere scratch from many wounds with the wounds equaling life threatening injuries.

Use the same rules as with the Castle Falkenstein game.  The Sorcery level is indicated by level of sorcerer classes they posses.  Increased power feat increases the spell points the character has and the time it takes to draw a spell card.

Equipment & Armor
Damage Reduction is now X/Bypass using the PF UC OGL supplement.  Need to wait until the OGL content is on their SRD.  It seems they have a conversion system.  I do not think I like the way criticals work now.    Give bonus to DR for the Armor Training perhaps.  Will need to change the armor proficiency feats back to original.

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Jun 8, 2012, 6:18 AM
Tom Morgan,
Jun 8, 2012, 6:18 AM
Tom Morgan,
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