Major Nations of Falkenstein Earth: A Listing, circa 1872

New Europa
The Kingdom of Bayern (Bavaria)
Prussian Empire
Austro-Hungarian Empire
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Pretty much as history shows it)
Kingdom of Spain
Second Empire of France
Confederated Italian States
The Papel States
Confederative Republic of Switzerland
Kingdom of Sweden

North America
United States of America (Much smaller than our history with Louisiana, Texas, California, the Midwest, and Pacific Northwest being removed from its eventual expansion)
Republic of Texas (The old 1836 republic, plus the former Mexican states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas)
Bear Flag Republic (California Republic and surrounding areas ruled by Emperor Norton)
Twenty Nations Confederation (Loosely allied group of natives controlling the Great Plains and the American Midwest. Includes Algonquian, Apsáalooke, Chippewa, Dakota,Huron, Iroquois Confederacy, Oneida, Potawatomi, Shawnee, and the Winnebago nations)
Free State of New Orleans (Louisiana after Samuel L. Jackson left the Union)
Imperial Mexico (Maximillian proved to be popular, as was his adopted Mexican son and heir.  they sided with the local dragons to maintain some form of power)

South America
Empire of Brazil
Confederacy of Bolivar (a loose confederation of several South American states to resist Brazil)

Empire of Nippon (Japan without Hokkaido, but includes about 1/2 of Southern Korea)
Imperial Russia (Currently controls Alaska)
Ottoman Empire
The Empire of China

Knights of Malta (A Confederation. of Italian States fighting against the unification)
Kingdom of Hawaii (a close friend of the British, some would say a protectorate.)
Union of Kalmar (Sweden, Norway and Denmark forming a group of independent states with rule alternating between the three kings)