Castle Falkenstein Errata 1.3

Throughout: Königseig (or Königgseig) should be Königssieg (with umlauts over the o)

Throughout: Wittlesbach should be Wittelsbach

Pg. 12: Falkenburg is German for "Falcon's Fortress", not "Falcon's Mountain"

Pg. 24: "The Unseelie Step In": Sleswig should be Schleswig

Pg.24: Landfortresses are assembled in Dresden, not Dusseldorf

Pg. 30: Map Key: "Hills" should read "Forest"

Pg. 35: The Indian Alliance. The date on this should be 1830.

Pg. 41, 169: Sir Francis Richard Burton should be Sir Richard Francis Burton

Pg. 46: "Heck, we even have the original Dr. Frankenstein" should read "Heck, we even had the..."

Pg. 47: Lord Yosho Tomino should be Lord Yoshikazu Tomino

Pg. 95: Sir Robert Burnell should be Sir Robert Brunel

Pg. 117: "Soldiers of the Steam Age"
Paragraph two: "and at least one ranking sergeant" should read "at least four ranking sergeants."
Paragraph three: "cuirassiers (who wear metal breastplates)" should read "cuirrassiers (Heavy Cavalry who wear metal breastplates)"
Paragraph three: "The cavalry are the glamor boys of the army" should read "The most glamorous divisions of the army are the Guards, followed by the Jaeger or Rifle Corps, who use expensive smoothbore rifles. Next come the Cavalry; they don't slog..."

Pg. 118: "Barracks Life"
"Life as an officer in the armies..." should read "Being an officer is considered a proper gentleman's pursuit. However, life as an officer in the armies..."

Pg. 119: "Style and Panache"
Paragraph two: "The British love ornate frogging and tall bearskin shakos" should read "The British love ornate frogging and tall bearskin busbys. The Guards wear shakoes, while the regular army wear spiked helmets, like Prussian pickelhaubes."

Pg. 119: Uniforms of Selected Regiments
Replace indicated regiments with the following:

Name                  Description

Life Guards Red coat, blue pants w/ red stripe, bearskin busby, boots

Royal Horse Guards Blue tunic, white pants, epaulets, helmet with silver spike & horsehair plume, silver cuirrass

16th Lancers Dark blue tunic, pants, white trim, gold epaulets, czapka

Royal Highlanders Red tunic, green/blue kilt, socks, ostrich bonnets

10th Bengal Lancers Blue coat, pants w/scarlet trim, sash, boots, turban or pith helmet.

7th Irish Lancers Blue tunic w/red trim, pants, high boots, czapka

Zoaves Short blue Algerian tunic, blousy red pants, gaiters, sash, fez

A Busby is a low-crowned fur cap worn by Hussars and other regiments, but only in Great Britain
A Czapka is a type of helmet, worn only by Lancers.

Pg. 170: Dragon Lord Verthrax should be Dragon Lord Verithrax

Pg. 199, the Thaumic Energy Requirements for Megron's Realm of Dreaming were omitted. They are:

Megron's Realm of Dreaming

Dreams of Prophecy 10

Dreams of Warning 10

Nightmares 6

Erotic Dreams 6

Killing Dreams 16

Dream Barrier 8


Steam Age Errata

Pg. 10: BMW i-3 SteamMobile: Should have 80 Wounds, not 60.

Pg. 11: Mercedes SL Automotive: Should have 60 Wounds, not 50.

Pg. 12: Renault Automotive: Should have 80 Wounds, not 60.

Pg. 13: Rolls-Royce Automotive: Should have 80 Wounds, not 60.

Pg. 15: Steam Velocipede: Should have 20 Wounds, not 40.

Pg. 46: Bavarian Aerobattleship: Should have 180 Wounds, not 170.

Pg. 66: Typical Union Ironclad (Monitor): Should have 120 Wounds, not 160.

Pg. 67: Typical Confederate Ironclad (Merrimac): Should have 140 Wounds, not 170.

Pg. 68: Submnerisble Vehicle: 100 Wounds (omitted)

Pg. 69: Nautilus Statistics: Should be 160 Wounds, not 180.

Pg. 77: Magnetic Ray Projector: Omitted- Size: Medium (100 Wounds)

Pg. 79: Lightning Hurler: Omitted- Size: Large (120 Wounds)

Pg. 87:Verne Cannon: Should be 220 Wounds, not 250



Comme Il Faut Errata

Pg. 57, On the map, Melbourne has mistakenly been put where Brisbane is. Melbourne is actually located on the southern coast, on the bay located south of where the "n" in "Melbourne" is on the map.

Pg. 88, Spell Regions regenerate instantly. Even if you drain all 142 thaums from a particular region in casting a single spell, as soon as you cast the spell all the liberated thaumic energy returns to the region (i.e. the Sorcery Deck).

Pg 89, Sorcerous Duels. These rules are replaced by the rules in The Book of Sigils, pg. 127.

Pg. 91, the Resistance to Sorcery cantrip has a duration of 10 minutes.

Pg. 91, Wards. Wards are designed to protect things inside the ward from things outside. Only something penetrating the perimeter of the ward triggers it - any spells or magick used within the Ward do not.

Pg. 99, Kindred Powers [diamond] should be Kindred Powers [club]

Errata in the Discussion of Abilities

The references to the subject of "raising abilities" on pg. 72 & 82 are erroneous. As stated on page 158 of Castle Falkenstein, when creating a Dramatic Persona, you do not raise abilities (i.e. upgrade a Good to an Exceptional). Rather, you purchase an additional Exceptional by taking two additional Poors. This is the official ruling on this subject; if you run the numbers in "Hard Numbers Falkenstein", you will find that they work when you purchase additional abilities, but do not balance out when you upgrade existing abilities. The total of the numerical scores of your abilites should always equal 4 during the creation of your Dramatic Persona. Later, through improvement, this total can vary.

Pg. 72, example should read:
Q: Let's say I want my detective to have Exceptional Perception. I take two additional Poors. Am I raising an already Good Perception to Exceptional, or am I adding a new ability, i.e., is it three Poors, three Goods, a Great and an Exceptional; or three Poors, four Goods, a Great and an Exceptional?
A: The latter. You are adding an Exceptional ability and two Poor abilities to your starting compliment of one Great, four Goods, and one Poor. So, now your Detective's abilities are three Poors, four Goods, a Great and an Exceptional.

Pg. 82, paragraph four. As stated above, the reference to "raising" abilities when creating your Dramatic Persona is erroneous. See the corrected example above.

On Sorcerors & Their Abilities to Perceive Magick Use

Sorcerors with Good Sorcery or better can perceive the threads of Thaumic Energy used to cast spells simply by concentrating. The higher his Sorcery ability, the easier and better he can perceive these threads. Similarly, by concentrating in the same fashion, a Sorceror can look at another Sorceror, detect if he is casting a spell by observing the Thaumic Threads, and even tell what kind of spell (i.e. what suit the magick is), if not what exact spell (if it is known to him) the other is casting. The range for this is line of sight, aided or unaided (thus this could be done via scrying). To determine the difficulty of this feat, count the number of ranks difference between the two character¹s sorcery skills. Then, count that number up the ranks from Average, and this is the difficulty. If the difference is negative (i.e. a superior Sorceror is observing a lower-skilled mage), the difference is zero.
Example 1: Christophe, with a Sorcery of Good, is watching Morrolan, who has a Sorcery of Extraordinary, cast a spell. The number of ranks of difference between them is three (Good to Great, Great to Exceptional, Exceptional to Extraordinary), so the difficulty of determining what kind of spell Morrolan is casting is (Average plus three ranks is Good, Great, Exceptional) Exceptional.
Example 2: In the same situation above, Dragon Lord Verithrax, who has an Exceptional Sorcery, is also observing Morrolan. The number of ranks of difference between them is one (Exceptional to Extraordinary), so the difficulty of determining what kind of spell Morrolan is casting is (Average plus one rank is Good) Good. Verithrax, as a Dragon, knows all Lore, so he will also know what spell Morrolan is casting.
Example 3: Morrolan then asks Christophe to cast a spell Morrolan has been teaching him. Morrolan watches to see if Christophe is getting it right. The number of ranks of difference between them is negative three (Extraordinary to Exceptional, Exceptional to Great, Great to Good), so the difference is zero, and the difficulty is (Average plus zero ranks is Average) Average.
This does not conflict with the Cantrip Sense Magick (Comme Ill Faut, pg. 91), which allows the caster to sense that magick that has been worked in the past.