Mad Science!!!!!

"Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind."
     - Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man

Edison Aether Drive

Description: Developed in 1875 the Edison Ether Drive is based on a Pixii magneto-electric machine.  The size varies based on the size of the field generated.  It requires an direct current electrical power to generate the field.  This is normally generated by physically winding torsion springs on an electrical generator and allowing it to run.  The crew of the Aether vessel are required to man the springs as part of their duties.

Mechanics: Ether shroud, frictionless.  magnetic resonance engine creates a shroud around the vessel

Game System: This drive is used as a propulsion system for all craft traversing the Aether.  It creates an electro-magnetic shroud around the vessel.  The shroud pulls the Aether around the ships and pushes the vessel forward.  The Aether shroud will not function inside a planetary atmosphere or areas with no Aether and the Aether craft must use another form of propulsion to land on a planet's surface.  The shroud keeps the ships atmosphere from escaping into the Aether, and blocks the more harmful stellar radiations from damaging the crew.


Description: This vile creation is the work of the dreaded (in his own mind) Heinrich von Malice.  He experimented with various forms of disease in the laboratory and found that while some creature started off immune to diseases they may catch them eventually.  He found that it was not the creature weakening, but instead the disease changing on its own.  Through years of work he developed a specific form of disease could merge the traits of two other disease into a new form.  With this he began to travel the world and gather new strains of disease.  His masterpiece was a disease of monstrous proportions that could shatter the world.  In fitting with his ego von Malice named his creation Malincians. 

Mechanics: Malicians are a mutant form of the hemorrhagic fever.  The incubation period is between 12 and 27 days with 18 days being the mean.  During this time the only symptom of the disease is mild legarthy.  At 7 days the disease is communicable by air, liquids, and touch.  it is not able to be transmitted by animals.  Symptoms include fever, malaise, muscle pain, headache, and the inflammation of the throat and lymph nodes.  After incubation vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and inflamed rashes occur with bleeding from wounds and bodily orifices.  These symptoms will last 14 to 34 days with increasing levels of severity.  Systemic organ failure can occur after 21 days of symptoms occurring depending on physique of victims (14 for Poor plus 4 days for each level above Poor).  Death occurs in 96 percent of lab cases.  This makes the disease very dangerous as the sysmpotms will not appear until the person has made significant amount of contact with other targets.  The spread of the disease through a city is exponential within a few days.  The countryside will fair better with less contact to the outside world, but any influx of the disease to a community has a good chance of destroying it.

Game System: After initial exposure characters must make a Exceptional Physique check (DC 35) for every hour they are exposed.  If the check is passed 2 times in a row the TN drops by 7.  After 6 successful checks the target is considered immune to the disease.

A steel alloy that is produced by the tiny Balkan duchy of Lichtenburg.  The manufacturing process is unknown at this time and is the sole export of the country.  The material is stronger than steel and neigh-invulnerable to all forms of heat and fire.  The melting point appears to be over 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  The exterior of items made from this metal are immune to fire, and occupants have resist fire 50 in a sealed compartment.  It is primarily exported to the Ottoman Empire and is very difficult to find outside of there for any price.