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Alternative rules

These are alternative rules for Castle Falkenstein.  It is a modification and merging of the Star Wars D6 system, D20 D&D, the Space 1889 system, and Castle Falkenstein.  This seems a really odd mix of gaming systems, but I was able to take the best from each and merge them together successfully.  I did not alter the character creation system as the drama behind it seems to be lost in a more numbers crunchy system.  I do have plans to convert the system completely over to D20 3.5 edition, no really I do.  I have only put together a project plan and the barest of minimums for the time being.  Those who really want the D20 as it stands now can find it here.

I decided to maintain some of the spirit of Victorian propriety that Falkenstein was so keen on by keeping some of the cards.  However, I have used a set of tarot cards to add added randomness to the game.  Using a system similar to the wild die from Star Wars d6,  the players to draw a tarot card on the roll of a 1 or a 6.  The cards have an effect  on the target number the character needs to succeed.  The feel of play remains unaffected, but I and a small number of other people feel much better about the system.  Most of my party feels that as long as the system is simple and the host deals with most things, the overall rules will not matter.

It also allows for much larger battles to be resolved far quicker and easier than before.  Most conflicts that I had used were a series of one-on-one encounters. However, in one large encounter I had 6 PCs, 2 named NPCs, and 12 villains fighting each other.  This battle took over 6 hours to finish. All the characters agreed that there needed to be a way to use dice to speed things up.  I used the beta for this system and the same battle only took two hours to finish.

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Jan 28, 2010, 4:47 PM
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