Study group at DPMMS, University of Cambridge, Jan-Mar 2010. 

We meet on Thursdays from 4.30 to 6pm, in MR11, and sometimes also on Tuesdays in a different room.
For talk abstracts and details of time and venue, see the listing of talks at talks.cam.

Questions? Contact Andreas Holmstrom, Peter Arndt or Marcus Zibrowius.


19 Jan: The idea of motivic stable homotopy theory (Peter Arndt) followed by a planning session for the remaining talks
28 Jan: The Nisnevich topology and the Thom isomorphism (Marcus Zibrowius). Abstract.
2 Feb: The Thom isomorphism, continued from last time.
4 Feb: Stable (infinity,1)-categories (Alex Shannon) Abstract.
16 Feb: Symmetric spectra and motivic symmetric spectra (Peter Arndt). Abstract.
18 Feb: The stable homotopy category over general base schemes (Andreas Holmstrom)
25 Feb: Concrete examples of spectra (Peter Arndt)
30 Feb: (TBC) Brown representability I? 
1 Mar: (TBC) Brown representability II?
8 Mar: (TBC) Notions of ring spectra???

Possible topics for talks:

(Not all this will be covered; suggestions for other topics are most welcome) 
  • Background material on ordinary stable homotopy theory
  • Thom spaces and the Morel-Voevodsky theorem on the normal bundle to a closed embedding
  • Ayoub's work on stable homotopy theory over general base schemes
  • Triangulated categories of motives (Deglise, Cisinski, Voevodsky)
  • Brown representability theorems
  • Oriented spectra, Morel-Hopkins
  • Examples of spectra, various construction of KGL, MGL and Eilenberg-MacLane spectra
  • Ring spectra, symmetric spectra
  • Chromatic stuff
  • Examples/applications/computations?


(Much more to be added here)