Climbing Australia's Eight Highest State and Territory Mountains.
Authors:  Brian O'Neil and Graeme Alder.                      
"A Mountain"
"A natural elevation of the earth's surface rising more or less abruptly
to a summit and attaining an elevation greater than that of a hill;
usually greater than 630 metres / 2,000 feet."
In 2006 Brian became one of the disciples of climbing the eight highest 
mountains in each State and mainland Territory of Australia. Graeme
subsequently joined the exercise and together we have bagged the Great Eight,
mainly during the past 12 months. 
This site provides feedback and information on those climbs.
                                Half way up Mt. Bogong
Even though some of the climbs are classified as hard, sensible, well prepared, fit climbers can easily manage all of the climbs. What makes this a very challenging and satisfying exercise however is the logistics involved in reaching some of the peaks given their remoteness and limited access.
For information on a mountain simply click on a name in the sidebar. Peaks are listed by height in descending order.
Climb status:   "All" peaks climbed! Brian as at June 27, 2010. Graeme as at Jan. 6, 2011. Yeah!   (some more than once)
Disclaimer and Cautions:
  • Whilst taking great care in preparing this information, the authors are unable to take responsibility for its accuracy or completeness.
  • All climbers are encouraged to fully research their climbs and only use this information as an aid.
  • Some climbs require formal approval to access the climb areas from station owners and indigenous custodians.  
  • The WA, NT, and SA climbs are in remote and potentially dangerous areas and thorough planning is required before you attempt them.
  • Yes there are other Australian Territories but only the ACT and NT have been included given they lie within the Australian continent.
Images:   Most of the images were taken by the authors however some images are from the public domain as they provide better views of the area.