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bringing vivid emotion to your still memories


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do you have a special event planned?

motion memories would like to produce a dvd presentation that will leave a lasting memory for you and your special guests.

motion memories on dvd is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, or any other  special occasions where you want to bring life and emotion to your still photo presentations.

what we do

motion memories dvd slideshow presentations are not like your grandfather's travel slideshow nor is it a simple photo after photo sequence set to music which you might produce in powerpoint.

motion memories presentations bring your still photos alive with pan and zoom movement timed expertly to your favourite selection of music. this is also known as the Ken Burns effect.

how we work with you

whether it's your wedding, your parent's anniversary, your spouse's 40th birthday, or a loved one's memorial motion memories wants to create a product you are delighted with, after all, this is your once in a lifetime celebration.

motion memories will consult with you along the way to ensure your slideshow is custom tailored to your vision.

how it works

you supply the still photos*

you supply suggestions for musical accompaniment

you provide some general vision

then, let us create your motion memories on dvd

*scanned positives and negatives at extra cost