Values regarding Matenity and Child Care [B]

From one month postpartum onward, how much burden has childcare expense been for your household?

47.  Overall, how satisfied are you with the maternity health care you have received?

48.  Overall, how satisfied are you with the health care, including other than maternity health care and public health care service (such as pediatric care, public parenting class, well-child visits, and home visits), you have received?

49.  Do you think that husbands/partners should take paternity leave?

50.  Do you think it is the man’s role to provide the family income and the woman’s role to keep house?

51.  In some countries, new mothers have a long period of fully paid maternity leave with health insurance and the right to return to their jobs. If you had this type of support, what would be your ideal amount of time off to be with your baby?