Child Care Leave

55.  Did your workplace during your pregnancy have a child care leave benefit?

Note: In Japan, the child care leave (separated from maternity leave for childbirth) is promoted (but not obliged) by law to be from 1 up to 3 years after childbirth. The length and amount of payment during the leave varies by workplace. Women are expected to return to the workplace after the leave.

If yes, at your workplace, do you know how long women have to be employed to qualify for child care leave?

Were you or your husband/partner provided with child care leave

a. Yourself
a. あなた

b. Your husband/partner
b. 夫・パートナー

What percent of your regular salary did you receive during your child care leave? If you are not sure, your best estimate will do.

a. Monthly salary
a. 月給

b. Bonus
b. ボーナス