Living with Baby

37.  Overall, how would you rate your baby’s health now?

38.  Did your baby go to 1-month check up?
赤ちゃんは 1か月健診を受診しましたか?

39.  In your well-child visits, how well did your health care providers (doctors, community health nurses, nurse-midwives, etc.) listen to your concerns and feelings when you wanted to talk?
これまでに受けた赤ちゃんの健診の時、赤ちゃんをみてくれた専門家(医師、保健師、助産師など)は、 あなたが心配事や気持ちを話したい時にはよく聴いてくれる雰囲気でしたか?

40.  During your baby’s check-ups with your community health nurse(s), how often does the nurse do the following?
During office visit with your child’s health care provide(s), how often does the provider do the following?

a. Take time to understand the specific needs of your child
a. 赤ちゃんのそのときどきのニーズを理解するために話を聞く

b. Respect that you are the expert on your child
b. あなたが赤ちゃんのことを一番よく知っているということを尊重する

c. Take time to find out how you are feeling as a parent
c. あなたが親としてどう感じているかを知るために話を聞く

d. Take time to understand you and your family and how you prefer to raise your child
d. あなた、あなたの家族のこと、あなたの子育て方針について、理解するために話を聞く

41.  Since the birth of your child, has he or she had any medical problem that caused him or her to go back to the hospital and stay overnight?

If yes, what kind of medical problem caused your baby to go into the hospital?