After Childbirth [2]

17.  Did you go to the 1-month postpartum check up?
 あなたは産後の 1か月健診(産科)を受診しましたか?

18. Please answer if you had a one-month check-up. Did you have anything that you wanted to consult with your health care provider?
1か月健診を受けた方のみお答えください。 産後の健診を受けるにあたって、相談したいことがありましたか?

How much were your concerns listened to and questions addressed?

19.  Between 3 and 8 weeks after birth, did you see a maternity care provider? Please dont include any office visits for your baby.

20.  Since giving birth, did you see a health care provider (include those other than maternity health providers) for a medical reason? Please dont include a one-month postpartum check-up, a lactation consultation, or an office visit for your baby.

When was the first time?

What kind of medical problem caused you to go to the hospital?

Since giving birth, have you had any medical problems that caused you to go back to the hospital  overnight or for day surgery?