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Hi! Welcome to A Mother's Love Daycare.  My name is Jamie Duque and I am a licensed family child care home provider. As a mother of three and stepmother of one, I know how agonizing it can be to find the right daycare for your children. After years of searching for the right daycare for my own daughter, I chose to open my own child care program, incorporating the values and curriculum I tried so hard to find for her.  I understand that peace of mind is crucial in choosing a daycare.  For that reason I encourage all parents to be active participants in their child's daycare experience.  I always welcome parents to discuss any concerns or thoughts they have related to their child or the daycare program itself.  I will in return communicate openly with you regarding your children's daily activities, struggles and accomplishments.

As a licensed provider, I am CPR, first aid and medication administration certified.  I am additionally trained in universal precautions and child development.  In fact, I worked in the health care industry for twelve years in administration, home health care (certified nurse's assistant) and as an activity director for a large facility.  Working with children has always been my greatest joy.  I am currently a member of A CareGiver Network, Adams County Association of Family Child Care and the Colorado Association of Family Child Care


A Mother’s Love Daycare is located near 97th Ave. and Lowell Blvd. We are just minutes from many of the local elementary schools, including Rocky Mountain, Sunset Ridge and Flynn, to name a few. We are also just walking distance to Carroll Butts Park, which offers a lot of fun play and the perfect place for a picnic!


It is my goal to make my daycare a safe and educational environment that is your child’s home away from home. A Mother’s Love Daycare offers children a supportive and nurturing environment where they can make new friends while learning important skills through various fun activities.  While you are away, you can rest assured that your child is safe, having fun, learning and eating nutritious meals and snacks. 

Our playroom is bright and cheerful and offers many toys and books for every age. We also have a large backyard that is perfect for running around and playing. Weather permitting, we play outside at least twice a day.  On a nice day, you may find us outside in the gazebo for our daily craft project or lunch.

And of course your child’s safety is one of my top priorities. My entire house has been childproofed, with gates at all stairways and safety features throughout my home to prevent any accidents to your children or my own.


At A Mother's Love Daycare we follow a semi-structured schedule.  This schedule includes circle time, art projects, stories and songs, learning games and more. Children thrive on a daily routine and feel more comfortable when they know what to expect. Our schedule also allows children free time to choose the activity of their choice. 

Each child will practice responsibility by being “Jamie’s Helpers”. Each day children will rotate age appropriate responsibilities, such as setting the table, line leader, feeding the hamster (Fidget), turning out lights, etc.


A Parent's Night Out is scheduled once a month.  This is available to both enrolled and non-enrolled families.  As a mother myself, I know the importance of having a night to yourself! These evenings are typically scheduled on a Friday from 6 pm to 11 pm. It is a fun evening for the kids with games. play, movies and snacks.  Moms and dads....you deserve this!