All-ages playgroup are scheduled at least twice each month. During the school year/cooler months, a member hosts at her house. During the summer we meet at one of the great parks in the area. Sometimes playgroups/special outings are specifically planned for days when school-age kids are off of school. 

Our playgroup schedule is available on the website, but addresses are reserved for the member email. If you are a potential member, and would like to attend a playgroup. Please contact us and we can provide information about our next upcoming playgroup.


Husbands Out Of Town Or Working Late isn't really a formal group, but rather a title that anyone can throw out there via email for an excuse to have some company. HOOTOWL is the "code/email subject line" you use when you want to throw out an open invite to the group for some company (with or without kids). It can be for anything -- playdate, coffee, drinks, a movie, etc. So remember, the next time you want some company -- just send a "HOOTOWL" email to the group and you may find yourself with the best kind of company -- a fellow mom!

Field Trips

Field trips are special mother-child outings that are scheduled throughout the year. They are open to children of all ages, unless otherwise noted. Most events are free, though some outings have a nominal fee that is often a donation to the organization.

Past events have included:
  • Trick-or-Treating at a local nursing facility
  • Fire station tour
  • Hands-on tour of the University of Illinois Dairy Farm
  • Airport tour
  • MTD (local public transportation service) tour
  • Guided tour of Prairie Farm (Champaign Park District)
  • Apple-picking at Curtis Orchard
  • Guided tour of a local free-range chicken farm

Open Playgroups

Don't see a convenient playgroup time? Consider starting a new chapter playgroup after school, in the evenings, on the weekends, or at whatever time you think would be helpful! Email the chapter at:

Additional Playgroup Information

Playgroups meet once per week, or as noted. Each group rotates meetings at members' homes, local parks, or any other special place agreed upon by the group. If there is a member of the group who is regularly unable to host, that person can have the help of a "surrogate" host, but will be expected to help with snacks and any set-up and/or clean-up.
  • The morning of the playgroup, or even a few days before, contact the host so that they know how many people/children to expect. Please do not attend playgroup if your child is sick.
  • When visiting a member's home, please ask them about the rules and boundaries of their house. Please make sure to help your little one follow the rules of the host.
  • Each group may decide whether to provide snacks for the kids. If you choose to feed the group, make sure you are aware of any food allergies. (Members, please let the host know in advance of any food allergies.)
  • Set aside a few minutes at the end of each playgroup to help clean up.
Playgroup Coordinators:
Each playgroup must have a coordinator. In addition to being a liaison with the Playgroup Manager and the Chapter Board, the coordinator's responsibilities include scheduling playgroup locations and being a contact person for group members and visitors.
The coordinator should also notify the group of location, time or date change, or any other pertinent information prior to the playgroup session.

Contact Information

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