Moms Helping Moms

Moms Helping Moms is a team of members that provides support to a chapter member who is experiencing a major life event or difficult situation, including the birth/adoption of a child, an illness in the household, or a death in the family.

If you require a helping hand (or know of another member who could use the assistance)such as a meal, respite childcare, assistance with household chores, or an errand runplease contact the Moms Helping Moms Coordinator (or email the group This program is available to you upon your request. So, please don’t be shy about letting the coordinator know if you would like or need some help! If you are expecting and want to receive meals after the delivery, please contact the coordinator with your estimated due date, any dietary restrictions, and the names and ages of children in the household who will be partaking in the meals.

How Does It Work?
When a member experiences a life-changing event, Moms Helping Moms leaps into action! Once the Coordinator is notified, she posts a message to the chapter email loop and asks for volunteers to provide meals. The member receiving the meals is contacted and a schedule is established that meets her family’s needs. Generally, the goal is to provide a meal every other day for two weeks during a requested time.

When you see a Member email regarding the Moms Helping Moms program, please consider signing up to be a part of the team! It is one of the greatest services to our members. We can each relate to what our own lives have been like in such times, and know how much a meal brought to the door or a helpful gesture can mean.

Please note:
  • Use containers that you don’t wish to keep, so as not to burden the family with returning the dishes to the appropriate provider.
  • Make sure to adhere to any dietary restrictions that may be listed by the receiving family.
  • Please contact the member the day before delivery to schedule an appropriate drop-off time.
  • And if you sign up, don’t forget to bring the meal!

How Do I Say "Thanks"?
Pay it forward! Bring a meal to another member in need. Or volunteer your time at a chapter fundraiser. Or attend a chapter meeting and get to know another mom who's been in your shoes. In short, become an active member of the chapter!

Contact Information

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