Benefits of Joining

Why Should I Join?

Mothers & More is like no other moms' organization around. We focus on YOU as a mother, woman, and individual, and provide both face-to-face and virtual connections.

Membership in Mothers & More provides you with opportunities to:

  • re-connect with your yourself and the “more” you’re looking for in life,
  • connect with other mothers in your neighborhood and across the nation, face-to-face and virtually, to share, learn, grow, and have fun,
  • connect with the world in a new way by recognizing how your daily life is affected by, and finding ways to handle, society’s assumptions about mothers and motherhood.

Benefits Include:

The basics:

  • Access to all Champaign County Chapter activities:
    • informative discussion e-listserv and facebook page
    • moms helping moms program (volunteer members on hand to help you out in a time of need, for example with delivering meals for the birth or adoption of a child)
    • playgroups and field trips
    • moms-only social events
    • family activities
  • Leadership Opportunities—the chance to keep work skills current or acquire new ones by volunteering one's time and talents in a variety of areas both at the chapter and the national levels
  • National organization benefits, such as the quarterly The Forum newsletter and an interactive national website with e-loops, a blog, chat rooms, and message boards
  • Advocacy—opportunities to participate in e-loop discussions of issues impacting mothers and get involved in efforts to promote the value of the work all mothers do and eliminate policies and attitudes that unfairly impact mothers as caregivers.

 In addition:

  • Support—A chance to chat with other moms about issues that affect all of us.
  • Friendship—Many members joined when they were new to the area. Instant social group!
  • Growth—Opportunities to re-connect with yourself and find out all that makes you YOU.

How to Join

To join, visit Mothers & More—National Membership.
    One-year membership (United States): $45
    One-year membership (International): $55

Mothers & More Membership Scholarship Program

If the cost of dues is keeping you from applying for membership with Mothers & More, take advantage of the Membership Scholarship Program! Please contact one of the co-leaders ( if you are interested in applying for a scholarship in order to become an active member of our chapter.


Visitors are welcome to attend three chapter events before making the decision to join. Although Mothers & More is a not-for-profit organization, there is a yearly membership fee (to offset organization operational costs and to help fund chapter events).

Contact Information

Mothers & More Champaign County Chapter #258, serving East-Central Illinois

For more information, contact us on Facebook
Or e-mail us at: