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Welcome to Mothers & More—Champaign County!

Support group of a local network of moms that offers:
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The Champaign County Chapter #258 meets every month in a different location around Champaign-Urbana. Everyone is welcome, we'd love to meet you!

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Our Mission

To provide programming and national community for moms through all stages, phases and transitions of motherhood.

Our Beliefs

  • A mother is more than any single role she plays at any given point in her lifetime. She is entitled to fully explore and develop her identity as she chooses: as a woman, a citizen, a parent or an employee.
  • All the work mothers do – whether paid or unpaid – has social and economic value.
  • Caregiving work is real work with real social and economic value.
  • All women deserve recognition and support for their right to choose if and how to combine parenting and paid employment.
  • All mothers, all children and all families are unique. We respect the wisdom of each mother to decide how to care for her children, her family and herself.
  • Mothers have the right to fulfill their caregiving responsibilities without incurring social and economic penalties. The transitions women make into and through motherhood are challenging and can be difficult.
  • Together, mothers are powerful.
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Membership and Contributions

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Contact Information

Mothers & More Champaign County Chapter #258, serving East-Central Illinois

For more information, call our Chapter voice mail at: 217-353-5036
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