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Being our own independent social club will give us full autonomy for what the moms of Champaign County need. We set this up so we can continue being exactly who we are: a support system for moms in all the ways we need, a dynamic group that adds new events and changes existing ones to fit the needs of our members. After nearly a year and a half without any membership dues or sign up, we are happy to announce we have our own group bank account and are ready to be official!

If you are interested in joining us, contact our membership coordinator at for more information. Annual dues are $40 and cover our annual insurance, our bills to the law firm, helping us set up as an independent 501(c)7, and eventually the fun stuff like our open house, new member social, summer kickoff family picnic, and more!

Our summer schedule is coming out and it is packed with amazing local events for the family. Feel free to come join us for two events to see if Mothers' Center of Champaign County is right for you!

Mothers' Center of Champaign County focuses on you as a mother, woman, and individual. We provide you with opportunities to connect with mothers in your neighborhood and across the nation, face-to-face and individually, to share, learn, grow, and have fun!

Come and see the difference Mothers' Center of Champaign County can make in your life, and how you can help make a difference in other mothers’ lives.

Our local chapter in Champaign County offers:

  • Moms Nights Out
  • Book Club
  • Playgroups and Field Trips
  • Moms Helping Moms Meals
  • E-listserv and Facebook page
  • Family Events
  • Volunteer Leadership Opportunities
  • And much more!

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Membership and Contributions

Check out the Benefits of Joining page to learn more about membership.
To join, contact our Membership Coordinator at

Contact Information

For more information, contact us on Facebook

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