As I mentioned on my Homepage, I like motorbikes. No, that's not right... I'm obssessed. Yeah, that's it...



The sounds, the looks, the feel of a motorcycle at full chat is something that cannot be easily explained. It's the sensation you get when you master something such that it's inherent danger is no longer a paralyzing fear factor. You are in control and you can walk up to the precipice and look over it and laugh, or just wind it back a bit and savor the changes of direction, the speed and the smells of a countryside in wafting through your helmet.


It's a lazy summer morning or a day long chase of an ever elusive horizon... Waking up 3 states away from yesterday's sunrise... Passing lumbering cars and their unseeing drivers but taking the time to wave at the kids in the window as you go by...  Or maybe just sharing a couple minutes with a codger at the gaspump with an "I remember when"... It's all those things and more! 


It's going places, doing things and maybe doing some Ride Reports.

I must say, amongst my favorite things about riding motorcycles is the cool people I get to meet. Some are folks I see maybe once or twice a year. Others I get to see more often. Either way I know that I'll have life long friendships with them, rain or shine... Who are these folks? 


I'm rather pleased to number among my friends a group called WetLeathertm.


So what do I ride? 

[Heh, OBArtShot] 

Ooh-la-la... What have we here?

Hooligan's Holiday... 

 The red bike is a '93 Ducati 900SS that I've owned since new. It's a light  aircooled 2valve engine. Stone simple to work on, fun and very easy to ride fast. When someone said you can't take it with you, they hadn't considered this bike or me. It is going with me. =;^D

The Dragon...

The orange beast is an '04 Kawasaki ZX-10R. I figured it was time for a SOTA sportbike. Granted, in competition it wasn't exactly a world beater. The power came on too hard and chassis geometry needed a bit more development. OTOH for a streetbike it's tough to beat 160+ ponies in a 400lb package in stock trim. 

(Update: As of September 23, 2007 I no longer own The Dragon due to a sudden bambi encounter.) 

 Ho! Ho! What's this? A big, fat German touring bike on a racetrack? This is 'Panzer' my '96 K1100RS and me at Mountain View Raceway Park in Erie CO. A bunch of us DoD'ers rented the track and had a ball that day. My fellow riders what wondering what I was smoking that I'd take this bike to the track. When I wheelied out of the pits then later on passed a ZX-9 on the outside and dusted him down the front stretch they stopped wondering.

Oh yeah, it's great for chasing horizons too!


Now and again one experiences a revelation in their life, an "ah-ha!" sort of thing that they never forget. For me, one of those experiences came from this particular motorcycle. Several years ago a good friend of mine named Godfrey DiGiorgi generously granted me the loan of this bike while I was in the Bay Area for a software class. From the very first I was delighted by it's funky side-to-side movement at rest, it's amazing grace at speed and the rock steady stability whilst bending around some of the BA's best roads. Heck even pedestrians smiled at it...  Change comes to everyone and last year Godders decided to find the beastie a new home. Well call it fate, destiny, kismet or my dumb luck but no one in all that time stepped up to buy the old beast. And so "my" 1975 Moto Guzzi 850-T is finally home! 

 (Update: As of July 2008, I no longer own the Guzzi. I passed it along to a good friend and fellow enthusiast in B.C Canada... So now I'm down to my Ducati and Beemer.)

Hey!! Follow this link to see some of the bikes that made me who I am today!