going places

So you're prolly thinking 'So where can you go on a motorcycle?'. LOTs of places, not just down to the local "park 'n pose". Here's some of my faves! Each paragraph has a link that will take you to a page for that trip. Not all of these are actual "Ride Reports". Some are just things I've done or seen...  

Hope you enjoy the rides!

Chase the Snake 2009

Look! Up in the sky! It's a plane! It's a museum!

Gooz goes underground!

Man Night!

It's February so, WL goes Karting

How do i explain what the Gather is? i'm not really sure i can! Here's my pages chronicling GPNDG 2006.

Omigosh! There were tons of flowers up there! They were all over the place. Colors galore!! (A day in the park: July 15, 2006)





WetLeather *loves* their cigars. What's better'n a good herf





Here are some of the world's best things to plop into melted butter and garlic. 


"And much hilarity ensued"... Me Chasing Snakes, doggie style. I'm pleased to report that the ears stayed put at *ahem* efficient rates of travel with no buffeting or untoward behavior. Even the WSP liked'em! (CtS '03)



 Check it out. Here I am at the foot of the fabled Lolo Pass in ID circa 2001. Like the sign implies, 77 miles of heaven! Big sweepers and some of the most breathtaking scenery in the PNW.




You can't help but ride through big trees in California. I rode down to the Bay Area to see friend before the Gather '99. This was on the way to my buddy TJ's home outside Los Gatos. Sweet huh? 




"Boy, is his old man gonna kick his a** tonight!" Mayhem and excitement on the way to GPNDG Republic '96!




A night ride from the Colorado Foothills homeward...




More rides to come!