Implementing a lactation support program at your workplace has many benefits both for your employees who choose to breastfeed and for your company's ROI (Return On Investment). The Society for Human Resources Managers (SHRM) estimates that 26% companies in the US have lactation support programs, and the numbers are growing. Research shows that these program have significant impact on the bottom line of companies because they:

  • Increase employee retention after maternity leave (from the national average of 59% to over 90%).
  • Lower employee absenteeism rates for both male and female employees (half the rate of days off compared to formula-feeding employees)
  • Reduce health care costs ($2,000 annually per participant for some companies)
  • Improve employee productivity and loyalty to the company
  • Enhance the company's public image

On average, companies implementing lactation support programs experience an ROI of $3 per every $1 invested. If you already have a lactation support program in place the Washtenaw County Breastfeeding Coalition (WCBC) would like to recognize your support of breastfeeding by considering you for the 2013 Workplace Lactation Support Awards. These awards will be presented during Michigan Breastfeeding Awareness Month, on August 14th 2013, at a public event. Awards are given in two categories: Employee Support and Customer Support. We will recognize companies who protect and promote breastfeeding by supporting their employees' need to express milk during work hours (Employee Support) and by supporting their breastfeeding customers (Customer Support). Some companies may be eligible for both types of awards. Awards will go to employers who have significantly contributed to promoting and supporting breastfeeding as a vital part of the health and development of children and their families throughout our community. If you have not yet set up a lactation support program, the WCBC has experienced and knowledgeable Workplace Lactation Specialists available to advise you on establishing a program tailored for your workplace. Contact us to set up a brief on-site visit.

Nominations can be submitted by employers, breastfeeding employees, or customers. Please review the criteria on the Nomination Form and check all that apply to your company. Submit the form by August 5th.