The Mothers' Exchange exists solely through the support of our member moms.  You may have seen an advertisement listing our group, which first brought you to a meeting.  Perhaps you called for information and noticed someone was able to answer your questions, send you a printed calendar of events and a membership form.  When you arrived at a meeting, there were refreshments, a nursery with sitters to care for your children, and a guest speaker to address an area of interest.  Busy moms, just like you, handled all of these things, and we'd like to request a few more helping hands to make life easier for everyone.

Please take a look at the list of committees below and feel free to let us know if you would be interested in participating in one of these areas. 
The welcoming committee answers inquiries about our group, sends out membership information along with greeting new or prospective members at our meetings and events.
Hospitality and Refreshments
The hospitality committee organizes refreshment contributions for each meeting, confirms the refreshments, sets up our meeting room before members arrive and oversees the clean-up when our meeting ends.  This committee requires that committee members stay a few extra minutes after our meetings to complete the above tasks.
The nursery committee is responsible for finding, screening, hiring and overseeing the babysitters who care for our children in the church nursery.  In addition, this committee confirms the sitters before each meeting and makes certain that the rooms are set-up at the start of each meeting.  Finally, this committee provides for the needs of the sitters, assists with any problems that might arise, and pays the sitters at the end of our meetings.
The programming committee arranges speakers and develops informal discussion topics for our meetings.  We reach out to various organizations throughout our community to arrange for "experts" to address our group.  We provide information about our organization, as well as directions and topic guidelines.  In addition, we formulate topics for informal discussions including reference articles or source materials. 
The publicity committee publicizes our group, primarily through newspaper listings, displaying fliers, advertising via the internet and through basic public relations.  We reach out to regional and local media, trade publications, houses of worship and other areas to inform mothers of our group's existence.  In addition, this committee has input on the design of all promotional materials.
Mom's Night Out
The Mom's Night Out committee generates ideas for our evening outings about twice a month and coordinates with a facility, if necessary.  In addition, the committee sends out Evites to group members, confirms all moms who have signed up for an event and coordinates meeting times and places accordingly.

The Playgroup committee schedules playdates at playgrounds and members' homes and sends out Evites to group members announcing morning and afternoon playdates.  The committee also makes arrangements at other venues when necessary. 
The Website committee develops and creates new topics of interest for our website.  This includes updating, adding new page content, and assisting with the general design and format.
Everyone needs a little sunshine in their life!  When a member has a new baby, Mothers' Exchange members can sign up to bring a meal to the new mom and her family.  The Sunshine Committee creates these meal lists and helps facilitate the delivery of meals.  While bringing
meals is purely voluntary, members are encouraged to help out by either preparing or purchasing a meal at least once during the year.
The Sunshine committee will also send a card or a small gift on behalf of the group to members who are ill or are going through a stressful
time in order to spread a little sunshine.

The Treasurer collects dues, keeps track of our bank account and writes checks for various expenses or fees. 
Church Liaison
The Church Liaison works with the pastor of the church to make sure our meeting space is available and addresses any requests or comments that arise.