1991-92 Rollover team name for goalscorers
Date Comp Match Commentator BBC1 Timeslot
10.08.91 ChS Arsenal 0-0 Tottenham John Motson 10.20pm, 60m  
16.11.91 Fac1 Colchester 0-0 Exeter John Motson 10.35pm, 60m  
Fac1 Gretna 0-0 Rochdale Barry Davies  
Fac1 Tranmere 3-0 Runcorn Tony Gubba  
07.12.91 Fac2 Enfield 1-4 Barnet John Motson 10.00pm, 60m 1
Fac2 Bolton 3-1 Bradford Tony Gubba
Fac2 York City 1-1 Tranmere Barry Davies
04.01.92 Fac3 Wrexham 2-1 Arsenal Tony Gubba 10.55pm, 70m  
Fac3 Middlesbro 2-1 Man City John Motson  
Fac3 Leicester 1-0 C Palace Barry Davies  
05.01.92 Fac3 A Villa 0-0 Tottenham John Motson 3.00pm, 130m 2
06.01.92 Fac3 Crewe 0-4 Liverpool Tony Gubba 11.05pm, 35m  
14.01.92 Fac3r Tottenham 0-1 A Villa John Motson 10.55pm, 60m  
Fac3r West Ham 1-0 Farnboro Gerald Sinstadt  
15.01.92 Fac3 Leeds 0-1 Man Utd Barry Davies LIVE 7.00pm  
25.01.92 Fac4 West Ham 2-2 Wrexham Tony Gubba 10.40pm, 70m 3
Fac4 Leicester 1-2 Bristol City John Motson
Fac4 Bolton 2-1 Brighton Ralph Dellor
26.01.92 Fac4 Chelsea 1-0 Everton John Motson LIVE 3.00pm 4
27.01.92 Fac4 Southampton 0-0 Man Utd Barry Davies 10.10pm, 45m  
15.02.92 Fac5 Chelsea 1-0 Sheff Utd John Motson 9.50pm, 130m 5
Fac5 Sunderland 1-1 West Ham Tony Gubba
Fac5 N Forest 4-1 Bristol City Grahame Lloyd
16.02.92 Fac5 Swindon 1-2 A Villa John Motson LIVE 3.00pm 6
Fac5 Ipswich 0-0 Liverpool Grahame Lloyd  
Fac5 Bolton 2-2 Southampton Tony Gubba
07.03.92 Fac6 Portsmouth 1-0 N Forest Barry Davies 10.55pm, 60m  
Fac6 Southampton 0-0 Norwich Tony Gubba  
08.03.92 Fac6 Liverpool 1-0 A Villa John Motson LIVE 3.00pm 7
09.03.92 Fac6 Chelsea 1-1 Sunderland Barry Davies 10.10pm, 45m  
05.04.92 Facsf Liverpool 1-1 Portsmouth John Motson LIVE 12.45pm  
Facsf Norwich 0-1 Sunderland Barry Davies LIVE 3.00pm  
13.04.92 Facsfr Portsmouth 0-0 Liverpool John Motson 10.10pm, 50m  
09.05.92 FacF Liverpool 2-0 Sunderland John Motson 11.20pm, 60m  
17.05.92 Int England 1-1 Brazil John Motson 8.50pm, 55m 8
03.06.92 Int Finland 1-2 England John Motson 10.20pm, 55m  
Int Norway 0-0 Scotland Barry Davies  
1. Including Third Round draw live
2. Replaced Leeds v Man Utd live match which was postponed; Villa-Spurs was live on Sky at 1pm;
    programme included Fourth Round draw live
3. Ralph Dellor drafted in at short notice thanks to numerous postponements
4. Including Fifth Round draw live
5. Part of "Match of the Day Special" with Winter Olympics
6. Swindon v Villa live, brief clips of the other two games; Including Sixth Round draw live
7. Including Semi-Final draw live
8. On BBC2