1988-89 Rollover team name for goalscorers
Date Comp Match Commentator BBC1 Timeslot
20.08.88 ChS Liverpool 2-1 Wimbledon John Motson 11.00pm, 50m  
19.11.88 Fac1 Enfield 1-1 L Orient John Motson 11.05pm, 50m  
Fac1 Southport 0-2 Port Vale Barry Davies  
10.12.88 Fac2 Kettering 2-1 Bristol Rov Barry Davies 10.15pm, 60m 1
Fac2 Altrincham 0-3 Halifax John Motson
07.01.89 Fac3 Sutton 2-1 Coventry John Motson 9.55pm, 60m  
Fac3 Bradford 1-0 Tottenham Tony Gubba  
Fac3 West Brom 1-1 Everton Barry Davies  
08.01.89 Fac3 West Ham 2-2 Arsenal John Motson LIVE 3.00pm 2
Fac3 Port Vale 1-3 Norwich Barry Davies  
23.01.89 Fac3r Man Utd 3-0 QPR Tony Gubba ??.??pm, ??m  
28.01.89 Fac4 Norwich 8-0 Sutton John Motson 10.25pm, 60m  
Fac4 Charlton 2-1 Kettering Gerald Sinstadt  
Fac4 A Villa 0-1 Wimbledon Tony Gubba  
Fac4 Plymouth 1-1 Everton Barry Davies  
29.01.89 Fac4 Millwall 0-2 Liverpool Barry Davies LIVE 3.00pm  
18.02.89 Fac5 Hull City 2-3 Liverpool Barry Davies 9.35pm, 60m  
Fac5 Barnsley 0-1 Everton Tony Gubba  
Fac5 Bournemouth 1-1 Man Utd John Motson  
Fac5 Wimbledon 3-1 Grimsby Gerald Sinstadt  
Fac5 Norwich 3-2 Sheff Utd Archie Macpherson  
19.02.89 Fac5 Watford 0-3 N Forest John Motson LIVE 3.00pm  
18.03.89 Fac6 Man Utd 0-1 N Forest John Motson 10.40pm, 60m  
Fac6 Liverpool 4-0 Brentford Tony Gubba  
Fac6 West Ham 0-0 Norwich Barry Davies  
19.03.89 Fac6 Everton 1-0 Wimbledon John Motson LIVE 3.00pm  
15.04.89   Hillsborough disaster     3
07.05.89 Facsf Liverpool 3-1 N Forest John Motson LIVE 12.35pm  
20.05.89 FacF Liverpool 3-2 Everton John Motson 10.20pm, 60m  
1. Including Third Round draw live
2. West Ham v Arsenal live, brief highlights of the other game
3. John Motson due to commentate at Hillsborough, Barry Davies at Villa Park (Everton-Norwich, not shown)