1987-88 Rollover team name for goalscorers
Date Comp Match Commentator BBC1 Timeslot
29.08.87 Div1 Arsenal 6-0 Portsmouth   10.15pm, 135m 1
Div1 Coventry 1-4 Liverpool John Motson
20.09.87 Div1 Newcastle 1-4 Liverpool John Motson LIVE 3.00pm  
17.10.87 Div1 Liverpool 4-0 QPR John Motson 10.50pm, 160m 2
01.11.87 Div1 Liverpool 2-0 Everton Barry Davies LIVE 3.00pm  
22.11.87 Div1 Derby 2-0 Chelsea John Motson LIVE 3.00pm  
13.12.87 Div1 Coventry 0-0 Arsenal Barry Davies LIVE 3.00pm  
28.12.87 Div1 Man Utd 2-1 Everton John Motson 10.55pm, 50m  
Div1 Tottenham 2-1 West Ham Tony Gubba  
Div1 Wimbledon 3-1 Arsenal Wilson v/over [goals]  
03.01.88 Div1 Everton 1-0 N Forest John Motson LIVE 3.00pm  
10.01.88 Fac3 Ipswich 1-2 Man Utd John Motson LIVE 3.00pm  
16.01.88 Div1 Liverpool 2-0 Arsenal John Motson 10.45pm, 135m 3
Div2 A Villa 1-0 Ipswich Gerald Sinstadt
24.01.88 Div1 Arsenal 1-2 Man Utd Barry Davies LIVE 3.00pm  
30.01.88 Fac4 Man Utd 2-0 Chelsea Barry Davies 10.45pm, 60m  
Fac4 Port Vale 2-1 Tottenham Tony Gubba  
Fac4 L Orient 1-2 N Forest John Motson  
21.02.88 Fac5 Everton 0-1 Liverpool John Motson LIVE 3.00pm  
28.02.88 Lcsf2 Luton 2-0 Oxford John Motson LIVE 3.00pm  
06.03.88 Div1 Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham Barry Davies LIVE 3.00pm 4
12.03.88 Fac6 Arsenal 1-2 N Forest John Motson 10.15pm, 60m  
Fac6 Wimbledon 2-1 Watford Barry Davies  
Fac6 Luton 3-1 Portsmouth Tony Gubba  
04.04.88 Div1 Portsmouth 0-1 N Forest Barry Davies 10.00pm, 50m  
Div1 Liverpool 3-3 Man Utd John Motson  
09.04.88 Facsf Liverpool 2-1 N Forest John Motson 9.00pm, 60m  
Facsf Luton 1-2 Wimbledon Barry Davies  
14.05.88 FacF Wimbledon 1-0 Liverpool John Motson 9.50pm, 45m  
1. Arsenal v Portsmouth shown unscheduled as part of "Sports Special" with Athletics and Boxing;
    Coventry v Liverpool exists with Motson commentary, may have been shown too
2. Billed as part of "Sports Special" with Snooker, Golf and Cricket (30min football)
3. Billed as part of "Sports Special" with Darts and Figure Skating (55min football);
    A Villa v Ipswich footage exists with Sinstadt commentary, may have been second game
4. Match of the Day Live with Athletics