1981-82 Rollover team name for goalscorers
Date Comp Match Commentator BBC1 Timeslot
22.08.81 ChS A Villa 2-2 Tottenham John Motson 10.55pm, 60m  
29.08.81 Div1 N Forest 2-1 Southampton Barry Davies 10.15pm, 100m 1
Div1 Man City 2-1 West Brom John Motson
Div1 Swansea 5-1 Leeds Idwal Robling
05.09.81 Div1 Man Utd 1-2 Ipswich John Motson 9.50pm, 60m  
Div1 West Brom 4-1 Swansea Barry Davies  
12.09.81 Div2 Luton 0-3 Sheff Wed John Motson 10.20pm, 60m  
Div1 A Villa 1-1 Man Utd Alan Parry  
19.09.81 Div1 Liverpool 0-0 A Villa John Motson 9.50pm, 60m  
Div2 Norwich 2-1 Newcastle Alan Parry  
26.09.81 Div1 West Ham 1-1 Liverpool Alan Parry 9.40pm, 70m 2
Div1 Man City 0-1 Tottenham John Motson
03.10.81 Div2 QPR 2-0 Blackburn John Motson 10.35pm, 60m  
Div1 Liverpool 2-2 Swansea Idwal Robling  
Div1 Notts Co 2-1 Arsenal Alan Parry  
10.10.81 Div1 Ipswich 1-0 Wolves John Motson 9.45pm, 95m 3
Div3 Bristol City 0-0 Preston Alan ParryRT
17.10.81 Div1 Leeds 3-1 West Brom Barry Davies 10.35pm, 60m  
Div1 Arsenal 1-0 Man City Alan Parry  
24.10.81 Div1 Wolves 0-3 A Villa John Motson 10.40pm, 60m  
Div2 C Palace 0-1 Derby Alan ParryRT  
31.10.81 Div1 Everton 0-1 Man City Alan Parry 10.35pm, 60m  
Div2 Leicester 0-0 Sheff Wed John Motson  
07.11.81 Div1 Liverpool 3-1 Everton John Motson 10.15pm, 45m  
Div1 Stoke City 0-2 Southampton Barry DaviesRT  
14.11.81 Div2 Watford 0-0 Cardiff John Motson 10.35pm, 60m  
Div1 Middlesbro 0-0 Sunderland Alan ParryRT  
21.11.81 Div1 Tottenham 3-1 Man Utd Barry Davies 10.40pm, 60m  
Div1 Birmingham 0-3 Wolves John Motson  
28.11.81 Div1 A Villa 3-1 N Forest John Motson 10.40pm, 60m 4
Div3 Fulham 0-0 Millwall Barry Davies?RT
Div4 Halifax 1-2 Scunthorpe  
05.12.81 Div1 West Ham 1-2 Arsenal John Motson 9.50pm, 60m  
Div1 Everton 3-1 Swansea Barry Davies  
12.12.81 Div1 Swansea 1-2 N Forest John Motson 9.40pm, 60m  
Div2 QPR 1-0 Barnsley Barry Davies  
19.12.81 Div1 Everton 2-0 A Villa John Motson 9.35pm, 90m 5
Div2 Chelsea 1-1 Blackburn Barry Davies
26.12.81 Div1 Liverpool 1-3 Man City Alan Parry 10.10pm, 60m 6
Div3 Portsmouth 0-0 Bristol Rov Barry Davies
02.01.82 Fac3 Leicester 3-1 Southampton Alan Parry 10.00pm, 70m  
Fac3 Barnet 0-0 Brighton John Motson  
Fac3 Swansea 0-4 Liverpool Barry Davies  
09.01.82 Div1 Man City 1-1 Stoke City Alan Parry 9.55pm, 60m  
Div3 Huddersfield 2-0 Oxford John Motson  
16.01.82 Div1 Coventry 2-4 Ipswich Alan Parry 9.55pm, 60m  
Div1 Liverpool 2-1 Wolves John Motson  
23.01.82 Fac4 Watford 2-0 West Ham John Motson 10.00pm, 70m  
Fac4 Tottenham 1-0 Leeds Tony Gubba  
Fac4 Man City 1-3 Coventry Barry Davies  
30.01.82 Div2 Luton 2-1 Leicester Alan Parry 9.45pm, 60m  
Div1 Swansea 2-0 Man Utd Barry Davies  
06.02.82 Div4 Colchester 5-2 Sheff Utd John Motson 9.40pm, 60m  
Div1 Southampton 2-1 Man City Alan Parry  
Div1 Tottenham 6-1 Wolves Barry Davies  
13.02.82 Fac5 Tottenham 1-0 A Villa John Motson 9.50pm, 70m  
Fac5 Leicester 2-0 Watford Barry DaviesRT  
Fac5 West Brom 1-0 Norwich Alan Parry  
20.02.82 Div2 Watford 1-1 Luton Barry Davies 9.40pm, 60m  
Div1 Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal Alan ParryRT  
27.02.82 Div1 Brighton 2-2 West Brom Alan Parry 9.45pm, 60m  
Div1 Everton 0-0 West Ham John Motson  
06.03.82 Fac6 Chelsea 2-3 Tottenham John Motson 9.40pm, 60m  
Fac6 Leicester 5-2 Shrewsbury Barry Davies  
13.03.82 Div2 Oldham 0-3 Sheff Wed John Motson 10.15pm, 60m  
Div1 Arsenal 1-0 Ipswich Barry DaviesRT  
20.03.82 Div1 Tottenham 3-2 Southampton Barry Davies 10.15pm, 60m  
Div1 Notts Co 1-3 Man Utd John Motson  
27.03.82 Div2 Sheff Wed 2-0 L Orient John Motson 10.15pm, 60m  
Div1 Man Utd 0-0 Sunderland Alan ParryRT  
03.04.82 Facsf QPR 1-0 West Brom John Motson 10.10pm, 70m 7
Div1 Sunderland 0-2 Middlesbro Barry Davies
10.04.82 Div3 Gillingham 2-0 Fulham John Motson 10.00pm, 60m  
Div1 Man City 0-5 Liverpool Tony Gubba  
17.04.82 Div1 Swansea 2-0 Man City Barry Davies 10.20pm, 60m  
Div2 Blackburn 1-2 Watford John Motson  
24.04.82 Div2 Rotherham 2-2 Luton Alan Parry 10.30pm, 60m  
Div1 Brighton 0-1 Man Utd John Motson  
01.05.82 Div1 Ipswich 3-1 Middlesbro John Motson 10.40pm, 60m  
Div1 Liverpool 2-0 N Forest Barry Davies  
08.05.82 Div1 Birmingham 0-1 Liverpool Alan Parry 10.25pm, 60m  
Div2 Watford 3-1 Leicester John Motson  
15.05.82 Div1 Liverpool 3-1 Tottenham John Motson 10.10pm, 60m  
Div1 Ipswich 1-3 N Forest Barry Davies  
22.05.82 FacF QPR 1-1 Tottenham John Motson 10.40pm, 60m  
29.05.82 Int Scotland 0-1 England Barry Davies 10.25pm, 45m  
RT. Commentator deduced from Radio Times listing (barring last minute changes of plan)
1. Part of "Match of the Day Special" with Boxing
2. Part of "Match of the Day Special" with Athletics
3. Part of "Match of the Day Special" with Show Jumping
4. RT lists John Motson and Barry Davies only, Davies probably at Fulham
5. Part of "Match of the Day Special" with Show Jumping; scheduled selection Brighton v Leeds postponed
6. Portsmouth v Bristol Rovers replaced a postponed First Division game
7. Part of "Match of the Day Special" with Grand National highlights